Automatic Doors

Choose a Door That Does More

Choose a Door That Does More

Look into an automatic door installation or replacement in Woodbury, Middletown & Newburgh, NY

Looking for a more modern door option for your business? Automatic doors are disability friendly, easy to use and above all, secure. That's why Innovative Door Solutions, LLC offers automatic door installations in Woodbury, Middletown & Newburgh, NY. We'll order, deliver and install your door, using top-of-the-line techniques. You can even ask us for door recommendations based on your needs and budget.

Plan your automatic door installation project with our owner now. You can call us at 845-381-2442.

Fix up your automatic door

Maybe your existing door isn't working the way it should. It might be time for automatic door replacement or repair. We'll let you know. Annual door inspections are recommended by experts. This can help you maintain a working door for longer and avoid safety hazards and expenses.

Make an appointment for an automatic door replacement or repair in Woodbury, Middletown or Newburgh, NY today. You'll get an estimate before we begin.